Comparison culture, Easy money

We attach value to things based on what we know. Comedian Fluffy jokingly talked about his visit to Saudi Arabia when he got to meet the Prince and visit his palace. When the Prince took him to see the falcons, worth $100K each, he asked Fluffy “Would you like a Falcon?” So matter of factly, Fluffy laughed, like he was offering me a cookie. “Would you like a cookie? Would you like a falcon?” There is no difference in value of things to the Universe, one material thing is worth is much is another material thing therefore aligning one self with the Universal Knowledge and requesting what one wants should be just as easy as asking for cookie and picturing it melting in one’s mouth. Somehow it is much easier to picture eating a cookie than it is having a million dollars. Our minds are conditioned our entire lives that some things are hard, difficult to obtain and require a lot of work. But a thing is a thing is a thing. Money is a bunch of paper. Checks are a bunch of paper.

It is easy to get sucked into the competitive culture of one-upping. Constant comparisons of who lost their baby weight the fastest, who is now “half their size”, whose kid is the cutest, who’s vacationing where, who got a new car are omnipresent in today’s culture through magazines, tv shows, and especially electronic applications like Facebook and Instagram. Though it isn’t bad for one’s self-esteem to be inspired by others, the unhealthy competition fosters feelings of lack and scarcity. I do not have as much as the Fosters, I do not look as good as J Lo after having my baby, I cannot afford that beautiful outfit she is wearing, I will never lose this weight and look like that. The truth is you can! Quit your FB and IG, if you need it for business keep it for that purpose only, but stop reading articles and news stories that make you feel bad and give you negative emotions. There is absolutely no purpose for that and it does not change anything. Reality and what you do/feel about it are two separate things, not related to each other except in one’s head.


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